Personally coaching with me never replaces regular visits with your physician and is not considered medical advice.  Never make changes to your health protocol without your physcian’s explicit consultation.

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A Revolutionary 4 Step Scientific Process


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Meet Courtney

One of hundreds of IBDers that have benefited from Systems-based Health Coaching

Working with Systema Health completely transformed my chronic illnesses and saved me from a life of pain and sickness. Despite trying many different diets, medications, and lifestyle protocols I was still experiencing pain and inflammation from Crohn’s disease and other inflammatory conditions. Systems-based Health Coaching changed my perspective on chronic illness and opened my eyes to new possibilities and ways of thinking. Utilizing neuroplasticity and systems science I have achieved full remission of Crohn’s disease and found more energy and strength than I thought possible. Through this program I have gone from surviving in my daily life to thriving, bursting with energy, and experiencing true joy. I am free from the cycle of sickness and finally able to pursue my dream life. I am immensely grateful to Systema for the community, workshop calls, and curriculum that supported me through this process. 

Systema IBD is the most comprehensive approach in the world for people with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

Here are just some of the benefits of our 1 year program:

Five Part IBD Curriculum

Covers the fundamental biology of IBD, diet & nutrition, medications & supplements, lifestyle & mindset in actionable and comprehensive manner. 

Remission Master Plan (RMP)

The RMP is a transformative tool for strategically planning and implementing your protocol for your IBD and provides seamless communication with your health team.

Adaptive Dietary Framework (ADF)

The ADF is the most advanced dietary and nutritional framework in the world using science-based strategies to move through foundational, stability, and exploratory phases.

Community of IBDers

The Systema IBD community consists of intelligent, courageous and open-mind experts and IBD patients bold enough to transcend the limits of their health and IBD diagnosis.

One-on-One Workshop Calls

In group and advanced one-on-one settings members are provided guidance from experts, coaches and nutritionists on every aspect of their protocol. 

So much more...

Systema IBD helps you formulate your protocol like a pro. Other features include AI-enhancements, 35% off on most supplement brands, and free access to SystemaCore*

*SystemaCore is our core program covering strategies to address a broad range of lifestyle related chronic health conditions which provides the foundation for Systema IBD. SystemaCore and Myko, our AI-assistant is planned for relase in Q3 2024. 35% discount only applies to people residing in the USA currently. 

Systema IBD Works

Our members experienced reductions in calprotectin

Calprotectin before joining (n=10, avg. 1589 μg/g) is significantly higher than calprotectin following an average of 13.4 months in the program (n=11, avg. 198 μg/g) (P < 0.05*). Values were self-reported; not all members reported scores for both time points. Results may vary.

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